CDOT Promotes Winter Tire Safety

            The Colorado Department of Transportation will again partner this winter with Colorado State Patrol to increase awareness and enforcement of passenger vehicle traction laws. See And Chalat Hatten Koupal & banker are again sponsors of the program through our partnership with CDOT! Under current Colorado law, when CDOT […]

October 08 / 2015

Third-Graders Abandoned on Downtown Field Trip

            A group of Adams County third-graders on a field trip to Denver City Hall were left on a street corner for 60-90 minutes, waiting for the return of school buses. The 93 third graders, along with 22 adult teachers and parent chaperones, from Coronado Hills Elementary, visited City Hall […]

October 05 / 2015
Author Linda Chalat
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TBI Conference in Summit County

          St. Anthony Summit Medical Center will present the third annual Brain Injury Conference for the high country region on Monday, Oct. 5. The conference will be held in Breckenridge at the Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The medical community, traumatic brain injury (TBI) […]

October 02 / 2015

Most Beloved Corporation Betrays

            Steve Brill has joined with The Huffington Post to write an in depth expose of one of the most egregious cases of corporate greed perhaps since “A Civil Action.” Read the report. The editors describe the 15-part series: At some point over the course of this massive, magisterial 15-chapter […]

September 30 / 2015

Be Prepared for Power Outage

            September is National Preparedness Month, a good reminder for all to have a plan in the event of a disaster. The most common consequence of a disaster, even minor ones, is power outages. The loss of electrical power for an extended period of time can cause gaps in communication, […]

September 22 / 2015
Author Linda Chalat
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Local ATM Machines Hacked

            FirstBank has notified customers that their accounts may have been breached at three automated teller machines in the Denver and Boulder area that had illegal skimming devices installed. All three machines were at King Soopers grocery stores. One skimmer device, which covered the card slot plus had a camera […]

September 17 / 2015
Author Linda Chalat
Category Consumer Rights
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