Legal Apps Help Consumers

The American Bar Association has compiled a helpful list of smart phone apps which can assist those with legal questions. These justice apps have been sought and supported by legal aid attorneys, who quickly realized that while many immigrants and low-income people can be intimidated by computers, many more know their way around a smartphone. […]

April 01 / 2015
Author Linda Chalat
Category Consumer Rights
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Negative Yelp Review Yields Lawsuit

Anyone with a smart phone will occasionally check online reviews for a business, looking for honest unbiased assessments of service or products. But increasingly, businesses are retaliating for negative reviews. In 2012, a D.C.-based contractor sued a Fairfax woman for $750,000 over her one-star review of his work on her home. And Alexandria’s Hadeed Carpet […]

March 30 / 2015

Pregnant UPS Worker Wins Day in Court

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled to allow a United Parcel Service employee who claimed the company failed to accommodate her 2006 pregnancy by giving her light duty to pursue her claim. The Supreme Court ruled on behalf of Peggy Young, though it did not adopt her suggested test for determining whether UPS violated the […]

March 26 / 2015

Dog Door Allows Pit Bull Intruders

Dog or pet doors can be a great convenience for both homeowners and pets. But for one Colorado Springs man, his doggie door allowed deadly intruders into his home. This is not uncommon, a couple near Miami, dubbed the “Doggie Door Burglars”, were arrested last week for at least seven suspected break-ins using pet doors […]

March 24 / 2015

Interactive Map Tracks Coyotes

Coyotes are all over the Front Range and normally are timid animals which run away if confronted. But, though coyote attacks on humans are rare, encounters between the two are increasingly common. In many cases, attacks occur as a result of people feeding coyotes. Coyotes have adequate food supplies and are capable of surviving in […]

March 20 / 2015
Author Linda Chalat
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Barbie as Big Brother

We have been warned about eavesdropping TV sets – see Samsung is Watching (& Recording). Now be careful of what is said in the room with your child’s Barbie doll – if it is a “Hello Barbie.” At a recent New York toy fair, a Mattel representative introduced the newest version of Barbie named Hello […]

March 18 / 2015