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Dangers in the Toy Box

Dozens of dangerous products that violate federal safety regulations are finding their way onto store shelves, and hundreds of other recalled items that have been banned for sale in the United States are being sold overseas. A recent investigation by Consumer Reports, based on a decade’s worth of government public safety records and shopping at […]

September 25 / 2006
Author Linda Chalat
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Beware Friends With Fangs

Man’s best friend doesn’t always live up to the title – an average 4.7 million people throughout the nation suffer a dog bite each year. The Insurance Information Institute reports that dog bites account for about 25% of all homeowners’ insurance liability claims.

September 25 / 2006

Home Perilous Home?

Home is where the heart is, but it may also be where the danger resides. In 2001, there were 33,200 accidental deaths in the home. The four leading causes of such fatalities are, in order: poisoning, falls, suffocation from an ingested object, and fires and burns. While no age group is invulnerable, the two most […]

September 22 / 2006

Playground Pitfalls

Common wisdom is that the best thing for our children is to get them outside to play – but this may not be such good advice if they head for the background playset. A surprising report released by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) revealed that over a ten year period, more children died […]

September 22 / 2006

Scary Green Stuff

You always knew it was a little slimy, and what it did to the sailorman was kind of creepy – but who thought it would kill you? Well, spinach won’t be your only worry in the produce section if Congress follows through with plans to preempt state laws.

September 21 / 2006

Gone Phishing

It’s not something you do with a rod and reel or an alternative music group. Phishing is an online scam used to commit identity theft. A fraudulent, but official-looking e-mail is sent to a user in an attempt to con that user into divulging personal and/or private information, which is then used for identity theft. […]

September 20 / 2006